What is Birdies for Charity?

Birdies For Charity® is a fundraising program designed to give participating charities & schools the opportunity to generate donations for their organization through the Houston Open.

The primary goal of the Birdies For Charity® program is to successfully solicit and collect pledges of one cent or more from the General Public and/or Corporate Donors for every ‘Birdie’ made by the PGA TOUR players during the Houston Open, November 8-14, 2021. One-time donations may be made as well. The minimum for a one-time donation is $20. The Houston Open administers the program, invoices all donors and turns over 100% of all funds collected to each designated organization.

All summer and fall classes with 100% participation will earn an ice cream party on the last day of class.

How can I support First Tee - Greater Houston?

Pledges start at only one penny so it is an easy fundraiser for everyone to participate in. For example, an individual pledge at $.01 per birdie could be x 1,200 or 1,500 birdies for a total $12 or $15 pledge. The largest pledge allowed is $1 per birdie so anything between $.01 and $1 per birdie as well as one-time donations of any amount $20 and up are allowed in this campaign.

Make a Pledge